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breastfeeding is normal

breastfeeding a toddler--out of the mouths of babes

Posted by liedonlyonce on 2008.04.13 at 00:49
Ariana has been talking so much and it makes for some interesting nursing sessions.

The other evening I was nursing Ariana and the phone rang. I was expecting a call so I unlatched her to grab the phone and she says, "But Mommy...I didn't bite!" haha!!

About a week ago, my mom was watching Ariana and when my mom made herself an English Muffin to eat, Ariana wanted some of it. My mom knew I'd be back soon so she reminded Ariana that she would nurse as soon as I got home. Ariana wanted that English Muffin badly enough that she tried to insist to my mom that she was all done nursing. That lasted until I walked in the door!!

Sometimes she'll be in the middle of nursing and she will try to talk to me or one of her sisters. She has to stop nursing to talk, then she latches right back on. It cracks me up [but can be painful].

It's so different to nurse a toddler compared to an infant.